Tuesday, August 24, 2010

abortion? or spray paint?

I walked innocently into K-Mart today, scanning the aisles to find some spray paint to use for my next "DIY"(do it yourself), project. I had called them before I drove there to make sure I could actually afford to buy some paint. So after I spotted the paint, I noticed it was behind glass. Which meant it had a lock. Which meant you had a key. Which meant I had to go ask for help. I walked over to the nearest employee told him the situation. He called for the key-bearer to come help me. He asked me how my day was, I said fine, than being polite, of course, I asked, how he was, he couldn't have answered faster, "I wish I wasn't here right now"....not sure how I'm suppose to answer that, so being the awkward one that I am...I just didn't say anything at all, and just left to go back to admire the rainbow layers of spray paint. One the key bearer found me, he began unlocking the glass doors when he said, "you are 18 right?"....in my moment of hesitation, I thought should I lie or just say no. I won't tell you which one I wanted to say more, but I said no...and assured him in just a few months I would be a true "a-dult." He didn't buy it. I walked off a bit furious...and he commented behind me as I stormed off, "The day and age we live in..." and of course, I said, "it's ridiculous...but whatever."
I got back to the car. Sat for a moment. Lesson 101 from mom: never drive when your mad. And I, Emily Lewis, can get mad. So i sat there and thought. How is that at my age, I can get an abortion without asking/telling my parents, yet, I can't even go into a store and buy spray paint, especially when you're going to use them to paint frames. I just don't get it. Only in 2010 would this situation occur.

Now, i'm over and out.

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  1. I was a little hesitant about your blog post by your title...but it all makes sense!
    Guess you and Mom will have to make a trip over to K-mart together...


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