Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chaco Sisters: How should i spend my money

First of all...what money? Oh yeah, the money I over drafted in my checking account. Well, lets just forget about that.
(now, i feel myself turning into Seriously, So Blessed)
But seriously, how do i choose? Summer is almost here, and as a celebratory act for myself, I need to make sure I get the best Chaco tan (AGAIN, thanks to Alice-Anne's deck that needed sanding... :)

Here are "EMILY'S NEXT POTENTIAL CHACO ZAPATOS" My friends, feel privileged you are apart of this honorary process. (p.s. go to the voting poll on left to vote for your favorite!)



AND JUST FOR FUN...I'm providing you with some favorite photos of my stat at the John's who totally spawned my interest in my Chaco tan.
this is how we bonded.

When Ev had a du-rag.

I MADE THAT (false). kudos to Gary

After this photo, I've considered landscaping my new profession. :) These flowers totally "SPAKE TO US" Alice-Anne. :)


  1. Do you even have a 100 dollars?? Oh yeah, what happened to A-A original chacos. The one you got the amazing tan on?

  2. Oh and by the way, you know the security word you have to type in when posting a comment? The word I just got was HUMBLE.......I think that fits perfect for the blog I'm commenting on.....ha ha ha


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