Thursday, May 27, 2010

let me tell you

OK. So I know you all are just fascinated with my life...and so thats why I have a blog of course. To update you, etc. Well, here is my week in review: WEEK 4 til SUMMER
 Nothing really exciting happened until Wednesday: Mutual "Prom" with Laurels and Priests. I didn't care too much for anything but the food. It was delicious! Although we ate with china, and were required to use proper was still fun. Okay, one more rave about the food. So good. Do i sound a bit like Seriously So Blessed, yet? :) Why do i like how i look here better than when i looked for prom? oh well, its besides the point...even more frustrating, I woke up like 20 mins. before this!
 THURSDAY: First a junior. Pitiful, I know. was more out of force than will and suprisingly, I had so much fun! Julie and I ran the Key Club table amazingly well. We served ice cream and sundaes and even though we probably made $10 was still fun nonetheless. And, it went smoothly, thanks to us being completely prepared. Now the story of the wet clothes. Yes, you may mistake this for more jumping into the pool...but you're wrong. This was the after-math of a very intense-amusing-hilarious-fun-water fight with two of my favorite & hardest teacher. Ironic how that is. Ms. Lundberg (IB English) and Mr. Daley (IB History). It was awesome. I wish i could describe it...but we got plenty of stares from everyone. I got them pretty dang good with numerous suprise attacks...which required me to utilize the boys bathroom in order to full up my buckets in time for when they would walk past the booth. Today, I truly enjoyed being a high schooler.
 THURSDAY PM: This is the glorious heaven I came home to after work tonight...I LOVE STRAWBERRIES. This means SUMMER.
 And...for the record. The solution to all life's problems is a bowl of Raisin Bran with strawberries. :)


  1. That's my girl! Favorite thing of a nice dinner is not the company but the food! ha ha What kind of food was it!
    I never went to springfest......does that make me a loser?

  2. The water fight sounds epic. How cool is that?! So did you win? Does that mean you fail your classes? haha

  3. I don't think I ever went to springfest, either. We are all lame, huh? Way to have a great'm making Strawberry Rhubarb pie as I type!


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