Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tour de San Francisco!

Concert Choir departed Gresham, Oregon on Friday morning (3/19), setting sail for Destination: San Francisco!
I luckily got on the smaller charter bus w/ less annoying people, making the ride a bit more tolerable than I thought. :) Let me take you along all of our series of events.

Day 1: Medford, Oregon
-Clinic at Southern Oregon University by Dr. Frank--no offense, but completely nerdy, but I learned SO much from him, it was really interesting to listen to him talk, because, suprisingly, he really knew music (i would hope so, if he has a doctoriate degree!)
-We made it to the hotel in Medford and "chilled" thats what High Schoolers do, right?
-Then we went to the mall to eat. I was already sick of eating out by the first day, since we had chinese food for lunch, and subway for dinner.
-I choose to go ice skating instead of bowling as must students. The best part was having the ice rink rented out for ourselves. It was the 2nd time i have ever gone, and it was so much fun! Although that night, I got down to pray and feel over because of the ginormous brusies already swelling on my knees...they are still in pain! Chessy sidenote: the choir held hands in the middle of the rink and sang all of songs...tender, I know.

Practically an olympic figure skater!
I was using her to balance...hence my lack of standing next to her!

-After ice skating the girls in my hotel room (Alexis, Krissy, Julia) and I were hungry so we walked across the parking lot to Pizza Hut at 10:30pm. Our curfew was 11, and we made it back at 11:00:15! ha ha! And we ate a large pizza, pop, and was so tasty!

Day 2: San Francisco, California (part 1)
-We woke up super early the next morning to finish our travels in CALI! The sunrise on the way down there was beautiful and to see different scenery than Oregon was really neat!

We passed a ghetto bus in dowtown San Fran.

And this was my bus buddy, Heidi, during the trip!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I can't wait to see you on the ice in the 2014 winter olympics!


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