Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A forever pet peeve:

The American life is all about speed. How fast is your fast food...3 mins in the drive thru too long for you? Yeah, that's what i thought. We need instant (health)care...NOW..hence its labeled "instant", you know and what not, instant on line buying access, instant tv shows on the compture--you get the picture.

I sadly see this side effect rubbing off me quite a bit. Today I stood in line to return my redbox, and I was there for maybe 2 mins, and I was getting impatient. This is sad.

To make this situation even better, someone took forever browsing through every movie. Please people give me a break. Know what you want and get it. Then the redbox was "full" therefore not accepting any DVD's to be returned, which meant I had to drive all the way across town to reach the other McDonalds. Can i just say, I can barely be on the sidewalk of McDonalds, I am that grossed out about it. ew.

Anyways...my point (what was it again?) that I realized my pet peeve was people taking too long staring in front of the redbox. But, now i'll make it my business not to dwell on these negative pet peeves, and realize: is it really worth getting angry over waiting one extra minute in line.

No, I believe not.

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  1. I know, I hate the same thing. But I have been found guilty doing just what I hate.
    But remember sometimes they have to scroll through the movies especially when the movie they intended to get was sold out.
    I love how you just said 'ew' when referring to McDonalds. This made me laugh out loud!


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