Sunday, January 3, 2010

Piano "toe" Prodigy

What can I say? I got a little frustrated practicing the c# minor arpeggio.
Sympathize with me here.
Plus, it was a way to buy time, so i wouldn't focus on my stomach growling too!
Also, notice the spandex, yes, desperate times, calls for desperate measures, when your father doesn't believe in heat.

If you really coulndn't understand--that was called Sonata "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas" op. 33 #1


  1. Julia, You have some top notch video taping skills. Where did you learn to do such a thing? You should make a blog on high quality video taping.

  2. Emily! This is hilarious. THis made me laugh so hard. Let me guess, you counted that as your practicing time! :)

  3. of course i did. :)


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