Friday, December 4, 2009

Where's Archuleta?

So here's my first blog post about my wonderful morning. Most of you know but just in case you were wondering if David Archuleta had a temple recommend after being on American idol, he does! For I saw him sitting right in front of me! It was pretty ridiculous! I was in the back row just waiting to go the room to be confirmed. I was reading Elder Bednar's talk on "Always Having His Spirit to Be With." It was a great talk except I didn't finish it because Archuleta and his friend came in and he was pretty much a distraction the rest of the time. (He has a concert tonight that's starting in 5 mins exactly). It took me awhile to register who he was at first-I was totally shocked to see him! Right then I started hearing his songs play in my head and they got stuck there the rest of the morning. It was hard not to laugh at the girls in front of me exhange looks with wide eyes! I think it's funny because I've seen him all the time on tv and stuff and the one time I see him in person he's wearing a white jumpsuit at the temple out of all places!

Ah. the blessings of going to the temple... :)


  1. I wish I were you right now. I am so jealous....*sigh*---Emily

  2. Soooo funny!!! I'm quite jealous, I have to admit. DOn't tell Bryan! ha ha jk

  3. That is so cool Julia! Who cares about team Edward or Jacob. I am team David!


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