Saturday, December 26, 2009


I would like to think MLIA (My life is Average). But to say that, would be considered a lie. Despite it not being average, I believe I have had some events lately that believe it would be MLIA worthy.

Side note MLIA website, it one of my websites lately, however, warning: sometimes they can be lame, gross, and absurd, and some can be quite and utterly histarical.

MLIA moment:
I was in WinCo, like mentioned earlier, on the eve before Christmas eve, only to find myself stranded in the dairy section--ultimately the worst place to be stuck...its freezing--and debating on wether to buy Pillsbury cinnamon rolls or cresent rolls. This was a delicate decision that i put much thought into. Anyways, when I made my choice, I went to place the cans of heaven in my basket, only to find it GONE! For the Second time this month, my grocery cart was stolen. Honestly, the first time it only had epsom salt and matches--who would want that! Now this time, after an hours worth of food gathering, i wasn't going to let this go. I soon found the man with my cart and demanded it back.

Number of times stolen this month: 2
The gender both times: Male
Emotion: Shocker.

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