Monday, November 16, 2009

Will HE say YES?

Well...tonight I did something I have never done before, and hopefully don't ever have to do again. But after talking to Meredith, she talked me into doing it. Tonight, I asked someone to Snoball. After still panting from the ring and run, I was about two minutes down the road when he called. In my head: "Dang it, I was hoping he would do something cooler than that." but oh well, HE said YES, so that's all that matters, right?. So now about that dress. Dang, I hope I can still eat thanksgiving dinner :)

Favorite part about the poster:
Bought an individual fortune cookie from WinCo. Warmed it up for 30 seconds, so it was soft enough to be able to get their fortune out, and stuck a little piece of paper that said:
"decode: imlye wisel"

I thought it was pretty clever :)

Translation of the Poster:
Hey MATEY (cereal),
It would be my EXTRA (gum) lucky DAY (half of the PAY DAY) if you would go to SNOBALL with me. Now I've POPPED (cereal) the question, don't leave me HANGING (Clif bar).
Fortune Cookie


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  1. The sign looked awesome. You forgot to write about the message in the fortune cookie. Such a good idea! I'm so excited for you!!!


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